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Geeky Engagement Rings For Sci-fi Brides! We all have a hidden geeky side. Check out these adorable and unique engagement rings. Some brides-to-be prefer having a non-traditional ring and this would be perfect design options for them. Celebrate Geek Love With These 23 Awesome Sci-fi Wedding ... As a fellow geek, who wouldn't want to adorn our other-half with an engagement ring or wear a set of wedding bands that not only celebrates our love for each other but also the fandom that unite us?.

Geeky Engagement Rings | Nerdy Wedding Bands | Gamer. Fantasy reader. Comic book fan. Sci-Fi enthusiast. Anime lover. Whatever your passion, we'll design your custom ring to reflect who you are and what you love. Inspired by Nenya, an elvish ring of power worn by Galadriel in the Lord of the Rings, this engagement ring sets a white opal under. Sci-fi Wedding Bands : Cylon Engagement Ring Fans of 'Battlestar Galactica' will instantly recognize the inspiration behind the Cylon engagement ring. For those who don't watch the show, all you need to know is that the Cylons are the main antagonists in the wildly popular sci-fi series.

7 Fantasy & Sci-fi Inspired Engagement Rings That Will ... Are you one of the thousands of women who have their entire wedding planned out on Pinterest? As one of those people and a fan of Lord Of The Rings, I'm always on the lookout for fantasy-inspired. Lord Of The Rings: The Fellowship Of The Ring - Extra Sci Fi - #1 J. R. R. Tolkien wasn't *just* a fantasy author--he was a mythology master. As a result, he ended up inventing some of the most popular genre tropes that science fiction heavily draws upon.

Tolkiens Legendarium - Which Nenya Ring Is Correct ... However, I found it only made of silver - not suitable for an engagement ring. Then, I found this one here : which is also offered in a white gold version and also looks more like an engagement ring. Lord Of The Rings - The Two Towers - Extra Sci Fi - #2 Tolkien's writing was majorly influenced by the world he lived in--the concerns of World War II and the aftermath thereof were reflected in the themes of industrialization, more highly nuanced.

Sci Fi Engagement Rings

Posted on April 28, 2018
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